Work integration

WMRC offers specialized services to facilitate work integration, maintain skills, develop interests, acquire knowledge and improve quality of life.

The centre evaluates each user’s interests and skills and helps them to develop the skills, work habits and attitudes that will ensure they integrate well in the workplace, or maintain their current job. It can help some users to find a job placement, subsidized employment or individual work experience.

Intensive habilitation/rehabilitation services
Other users need a more intensive rehabilitation environment to stabilize and redirect them to a work environment that offers more support:

  • Day programs such as Benny
  • Volunteer or seniors’ programs
  • Workshops such as Labrosse
  • Workplace internships such as those at Standard Life.

Newsletter on WMRC’s work integration services (2009)

Workplace integration opportunities are many and varied, and WMRC is proud of its work integration partners. Would you like to employ one or several WMRC users, or know someone who would?
Offering you a professional work integration service