Benny Day Program

WMRC’s Benny Day Program offers specialized community integration services to some 60 adult clients with autism spectrum disorder or aging-related difficulties. 

Clients are supported by a team of specialized staff, two teachers from the English Montreal School Board and therapists in music, art and recreation. 
Some clients package products for WMRC’s community integration partners or learn other work skills. They may also benefit from a multisensory room and gymnasium. Clients who are non-verbal may use audio and video teaching aids to build their communication skills.

Art therapist Fiona Smith is pleased to display some of her clients’ artwork here and offers a description of art therapy below.

By David Zelensky

By Dena Potvin



By Karen Tennant



By Sammy Ioannou



By Sarah Howlett



By Zoharayel Crooks 


What is art therapy?
Art therapy is a form of therapy within which participants have an opportunity to explore and to express themselves using a range of art-mediums such as paint, markers, clay and collage materials. Art-making is a pleasurable activity that allows participants to engage and to explore on sensory, cognitive and/or emotional levels; it is a process that can be adjusted to meet varying needs, abilities and goals.
Within art therapy, participants can gain a sense of control as they make choices within their projects and art therapy provides many opportunities for both verbal and non-verbal communication and expression. As they make art within a group, participants may also interact with one another, developing their social skills. For participants who can look at their own and each others’ artwork and talk about it, sharing images can help group members to become more aware of each other and to feel seen and understood.
Creating images that they share with others in an exhibition such as this one can also have a positive effect on individual’s self-esteem. Furthermore, displaying artwork at the Centre makes the space where clients spend their days more beautiful and they may gain a sense of pride as they see their work displayed publicly. We hope that you enjoy this special exhibition!