Labrosse Workshop

Since 2009, Envirotree has partnered with West Montreal Readaptation Centre (WMRC)’s Labrosse Workshop to support the community integration of adult users of the centre with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder.
Envirotree is a Dorval-based company that specializes in the recycling of computers and electronic equipment. At  Labrosse Workshop in Pointe-Claire, some 30 WMRC users take apart the computers and sort the individual parts, so that Envirotree can further process them in an environmentally friendly way.
This partnership is mutually beneficial: Envirotree provides the materials and an opportunity to excel, while WMRC delivers a strong work ethic and high-quality results. The clients at Labrosse thrive in such a structured, task-driven setting.
“Our users are so proud of their work and helping the environment,” said John Reed, WMRC’s rehabilitation manager at Labrosse. “Our partnership with Envirotree is invaluable.”
“We are proud and excited to be a part of the WMRC family,” said Andrew Saibil, general manager at Envirotree. “We encourage everyone to support exceptional programs like this one.”
Envirotree’s goal is to encourage consumers, corporations, and organizations to recycle all of their obsolete electronic equipment. You can support this program by dropping off your old or unwanted computers at Envirotree. Please click here for drop-off hours and contact info.
To support programs and services that will benefit WMRC users, please donate to the Taylor-Birks Foundation at this link.