Doing research at WMRC

In Quebec, any research project which is related to the health and social services sector and involves human participants must undergo an evaluation by a Research Ethics Committee (REC).

In order to meet this obligation, several rehabilitation centres for intellectual disability and pervasive developmental disorders (RCID-PDD) have established a specialized Joint Research Ethics Committee (JREC) for RCID-PDD.

As a result, anyone wishing to undertake a research project involving one or several of the establishments affiliated with the JREC/RCID-PDD must obtain institutional suitability from the establishment(s) in question as well as a certificate of conformity with the ethics rules of the joint committee.

Institutional suitability

Before being submitted to the JREC/RCID-PDD, a project must obtain institutional suitability from the establishment involved. The Department of Professional Services (DPS) is the joint committee’s respondent for West Montreal Readaptation Centre (WMRC), and records all research projects in the Ongoing Projects Registry.

In order to pass WMRC’s evaluation, the project must meet the following requirements:   

  • The project concurs with the values and orientations of the establishment;
  • The project’s potential impacts are in line with the establishment’s interests and needs;
  • The project’s target population is made up of WMRC users, who must not be excessively or unnecessarily solicited;
  • The project does not conflict with another ongoing or accepted project;
  • The establishment is financially and materially able to host the project and to attribute sufficient personnel.

The required documents for the evaluation of the institutional suitability of a project are as follows:

  • A letter of introduction briefly presenting the nature and objective of the research project, the expected contribution of the WMRC as well as the expected participation of users or their family;
  • The complete protocol for the research project: objective for the project, problematic, hypotheses or research questions, methodology (procedures, sample, and instruments) expected results, and anticipated outcomes.
  • Consent forms (see criteria of the JREC/RCID-PDD;
  • Timeline for the implementation of the research project;
  • Ethics certificate(s) delivered by another establishment (if applicable);
  • The JREC/RCID application form for the evaluation of a new project or the application form for the evaluation of a multicentre project of the MSSS ethics unit. The JREC/RCID-PDD’s ethics certificate must be obtained before undertaking any research activity.

To submit an application for the evaluation of institutional suitability, contact:

Julie Duquette
Planning, Programming and Research officer
514-363-3025, ext. 2365