Parents’ Committee

The WMRC Parents’ Committee is a support group for parents, siblings and/or legal guardians of children and adults receiving service from WMRC. It is volunteer-driven and consists of a five-member Executive Committee, along with a large number of parents and family members.

The committee exists to:

  • provide parents and/or guardians with timely and relevant information concerning WMRC events and activities;
  • promote WMRC, its services and programs;
  • inform the WMRC Board of concerns about service gaps and needs;
  • promote parent participation in WMRC activities
  • provide an opportunity for parents to network.

We believe that we must be actively involved in helping our chidren and siblings reach their maximum potential and help them enjoy the best quality of life available within the framework of WMRC.

As a parent support group, we continue to work with WMRC and advocate on behalf of our families to give a voice to those who are some of the most vulnerable in our society.

Carole Mercier, president

Richard Mannion, Joe Malko, Courtney Lai-Hing, Carole Mercier, Kathy Worsnip & Richard Held.