Activities Report

A word from the President

In the past year we saw many changes within the users committee.  These changes, starting with elections that were held in September to December, will help us become a more streamlined and efficient team to better serve users’ needs.

I would personally like to acknowledge our out-going members for their dedication and invaluable input.

A big thank you goes to:

  • Paul Coudriau
  • Stratis Ioannou
  • Tina Lemieux
  • Kosta Tsambalieros
  • Lydia Waddell
  • Aram Alborzi
  • Stephane Bertrand
  • Therese Belanger-Ardron

At this time I would like to introduce our new and returning members:

  • Joe Malko, President
  • Terry Rutherford, Co-Secretary
  • Steven Goulet, Co-president & Board representative
  • Marjorie Rutherford, Board liaison
  • Mathieu Dubuc
  • Diane Sabourin, Vice- President
  • Dennis Farley (WMRC  liaison)
  • Jerry Haikalis, Co –vice-president
  • Jack Carlon, Special Advisor
  • Richard Mannion, Secretary
  • Tim Marshall

Our number one priority has been to actively participate in the Forgotten 500 Campaign spearheaded by the Parent’s committee. The Users’ Committee has provided promotional and financial support to aid the Parent’s committee in their continued campaign to pressure the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in addressing the serious issue of the wait lists that are still growing due to under funding and budget cuts.

We are maintaining our ongoing participation in the board meetings with our liaisons; Marjorie Rutherford and Steven Goulet.  We participated in the WMRC Accreditation process and are still active members of the vigilance committee.

We are working closely with the director of adult services in promoting and developing the various training seminars for users, caregivers and families. We continue to support the Special Olympics and the children’s services annual information BBQ.

We are working with the Department of Professional Services to brainstorm and implement new topics of interest for our users and their families.

In order to continue providing quality services and best practices, we are dedicated to strengthen our ties with users, parents and the corporation.

Thank you,


Joe Malko