WMRC presents its first educational videos on YouTube!


We are happy to announce that six videos are now available on WMRC’s channel on the YouTube site.

These videos are:

  • Behavior Management” (Melanie Setton and Heather Sutherland)
  • La nutritionniste et l’autisme” (Gabrielle Cimon)
  • Improving Communications Skills in Children with ASD”  (Dona Roy)
  • How can fun at the park help you child learn and evelop motor skills?”  (Monique Bureau and Michelle Lafontaine)
  • Sleep and establishing routines”  (Elizza Lopes-Herrera and Heather Sutherland)
  • Entraînement à la propreté”  (Elizza Lopes-Herrera and Sylvie Deschamps)

Another video in 2-parts will be added shortly. The title is “Medical drug use for children with autism” and feature Dr. Mark Zuccolillo .

Please promote our channel with other parents!

The link to the channel: